Antibodies in solution


Anna Stradner (leader), Peter Schurthenberger, Mikael Lund


During the round table discussions at the LINXS workshop on the “Dynamics of Biological Macromolecules” in June 2018, the characterization and understanding of the static and dynamic properties of antibody solutions received particular attention. It clearly emerged as one of the highly timely topics where LINXS could and should play a central role and help the community to overcome certain obstacles such as access to sufficiently large quantities of high-quality material, and thus pave the way to accelerated progress.

The Research Programme “Antibodies in Solution” has now secured sufficient quantities of two monoclonal antibodies and is planning a concerted effort in bringing together experimentalists, theoreticians and simulators from all over the world to work on the characterization of these antibodies in a coherent, efficient and synergistic way. Currently this exciting venture is in its planning phase, and the community will be informed about the details towards the end of 2019.