Theme Application

A theme usually runs for 1-3 years. It aims to bring research communities together, and contribute to the LINXS vision and mission. The theme application is therefore significant in terms of research direction for LINXS and the resources allocated. LINXS opens theme calls on a regular basis. The Scientific Advisory Board advises and management group decides which themes are approved. Note that only individuals with tenure or tenure-track positions within academic organisations that are contributing to LINXS' funding are eligible to submit applications. Currently this is Lund University. The next call for a new theme is expected in 2020.

Not currently open.


Working Group Application

A working group is a set of individuals working under a theme developing various scientific activities, such as organising a conference, workshops, schools, hackathons or creating a research programme. Before you submit an application for a working group, make sure you discuss with the core group of the theme. The core group reviews and advises on working groups and the management group decides which ones are approved. The instructions are included the Word-document below.


Fellowship Application

Any researcher who would like to be involved in LINXS’ work must submit a fellowship application. This is generally done after discussion with the relevant core group or management group, but can also be done after specific calls. The management group approves fellowships after advice from the appropriate core group. Postdoc applications are not made via this portal as they are submitted via an open call. The instructions are included the Word-document below.