Expression of Interest for a LINXS Theme



Before you enter info and submit

  1. Have you discussed the submission with the Management Group?

  2. Do you have tenure or a tenure-track position at Lund University?

  3. Are you familiar with LINXS' mission, goals, priorities and working methods?

The capabilities of the form are not advanced and do not involve the possibility to save and update information at this time. We recommend that you work in an independent document that you can save regurlarly and then paste the material in here when you are satisfied with it. Upon submission the Management Group will receive an e-mail with the contents of your submission.


Expression of Interest form

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Currently any tenured or tenure-track faculty member at Lund University can apply. Please enter your name, title and affiliation.
A theme should have a short, catchy name (ideally a single word or two) that gives an immediate general impression of what it is about
The subtitle is a single sentence that starts pinning down the scope of the theme