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Partner Event: Symposium - Lipid self-assembly - structure, function and applications

  • Kemicentrum, Lecture hall C (map)

Physical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Lund University and LINXS (Lund Institute of Advanced Neutron and X-ray Studies) have the pleasure to invite you to this mini-symposium, entitled ”Lipid self-assembly - structure, function and applications”. The focus on the presentations will be on self-assembly structure of biological relevance as revealed neutron and x-ray scattering techniques. Coffee and cake will be served during the symposium.

Venue: Kemicentrum, Lecture hall C 


14.30-15.00 Prof. John Seddon, Imperial College London, UK: Curvature and Packing Frustration in Inverse Phases of Lipids

15.00-15.30 Prof. Dr. Thomas Hellweg, Bielefeld University, Germany: Interaction of the Bio-surfactant Escin with DMPC-based model membranes (Authors: Thomas Hellweg, Ramsia Sreij, Carina Dargel).

15.30-16.00 Coffee

16.00-16.20 Prof. Martin Malmsten, Copenhagen University, Denmark: Effect of Oxidation on the Physicochemical Properties of Polyunsaturated Lipid Membranes (Authors: E. Parra-Ortiz, K.L. Browning, L.S.E. Damgaard, R. Nordström, S. Micciulla, S. Bucciarelli, and M. Malmsten)

16.20-16.40 Dr. Ann Terry, Max IV, Lund, Sweden: Dynamics of Amyloid Protein Fibril Elongation by contrast variation SANS

16.40-17.00 Prof. Johan Engblom, Malmö University, Sweden: Skin, creams and the ambient from a 3D perspective

17.00-17.20 Dr. Thomas Ederth, Linköping University, Sweden: Interactions of a lysosomotropic detergent with lipid bilayer membranes