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LINXS related event - 2nd Joint ESS-MAX IV Science Colloquium, with lecture by Ann Terry

Welcome to MAX IV for the 2nd Joint ESS-MAX IV Science Colloquium!

Presenter: Ann Terry - Researcher and Group Manager for Diffraction and Scattering, MAX IV Laboratory, and LINXS fellow and member of Dynamics Core Group.

Title: Large spiders at small angles
Why is silk so fascinating? How do spiders spin their webs? How are we trying to understand it? Why are we yet to copy it?

When: May 15, 15:00. Coffee and sweets will be served from 15:00 and the talk begins at 15:15.

Where: MAX IV, Fotongatan 2 (Bus 20 takes you there), Conference room MAX III.

The aim of these colloquia is to bring the science made possible by neutrons and synchrotron radiation into focus, and to bring people at ESS and MAX IV and the local science community together. The colloquia are held every month, with the venue alternating between MAX IV and ESS. Always on a Wednesday, always at 15:15 – and always with coffee and sweets served at 15:00.