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LINXS related event - lecture with Prof. Marco Stampanoni from the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, ETH Zürich

Beyond absorption-based X-ray imaging: new opportunities for improved breast cancer detection

With his team, Marco Stampanoni is working on novel X-ray based instruments and methods for non-invasive investigations of samples at various length scales, ranging from single cells up to humans. The group mainly develops around cutting-edge synchrotron facilities and translates the novel technologies on conventional X-ray sources. Research areas encompass phase contrast X-ray imaging and microscopy, realtime tomographic microimaging, nano-tomography and novel radiological methods for clinical applications and, more general, non-destructive testing.

When? May 7th, 15.00-15.45 
Where? Wallenberglaboratoriet, SUS Malmö, in room Medelhavet