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LINXS Event: Welcome to afternoon coffee and a seminar by Dr Sylvain Bohic from STROBE and ESRF

Sylvain Bohic is a senior researcher at the French National Institute of Health & Medical Research. He is also scientific collaborator at the European synchrotron (ESRF) for nanochemical imaging development in biology and cellular analysis. He has > 15 years of experience in synchrotron elemental imaging at the cell level, he did some of pioneer work on single-cell imaging using synchrotron X-ray microprobe. His research interests and expertise are on cryo-cellular cryo-preparation and mesoscale metal imaging in biological tissues, and, in cells using synchrotron-based methods and micro/ nano spectromicroscopy techniques for quantitative elemental imaging and speciation, with a particular focus on the role of metals in neurodegenerative diseases and in the biological mechanisms of metallo-organic molecules or nanoparticles in targeting cancer cells. In the following talk, he will present an overview of  most recent researches on 2D and 3D sub-cellular chemical imaging using synchrotron X-ray nanoprobe at ESRF.

When: Wednesday, June 5, at 13.00 (coffee and cake will be served after the seminar)

Where: LINXS Workshop room, Ideon Delta 5, Scheelevägen 19, 5th floor (map)

Title: 2D and 3D chemical imaging at subcellular scale using X-ray fluorescence nanoprobe