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LINXS related event - GeoArchaeology try-out workshop at Technische Universität München


Using neutrons in Archaeology, Geology and Cultural Heritage Studies: Neutron Imaging, Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis and Gamma Scan

Lund Institute for advanced Neutron and X-Ray Science (LINXS) is planning a series of “tryout workshops”. The main idea is to give the opportunity to scientists in geology, archaeology and cultural heritage studies to bring their own samples and test different methods, types of radiation and instruments, before a full beam time proposal is written. Also, this would give scholars from different fields a possibility to meet, discuss and learn more about techniques soon available in Lund.

The first one is organized in collaboration with Heinz Maier-Leinitz Zentrum of Technische Universität München and its research reactor FRM II, with the imaging instruments ANTARES for cold neutrons and NECTAR for thermal and fast fission neutrons, the instrument PGAA for prompt gamma activation analysis, and the support of radiation protection for short-irradiation gamma scans for rough composition determination.

This is a first call of interest.

When: 4-7 August

Workshop fee: 270 Euro, not including accommodation and travels

Where: Technische Universität München (TUM), Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum In Garching just north of Munich

The Workshop starts on the Sunday 4 August, with facultative excursion and walking discussion to the Bavarian Alps to give participants opportunity for discussions and talks.

The laborative workshop will begin Monday 5 August at noon and end on Wednesday 7 August in the afternoon.
-       Lectures on neutron imaging and analysis methods

-       Visit to the reactor

-       Neutron radiography and computed tomography with cold neutrons (instrument ANTARES) , with thermal and with high-energy fission neutrons (instrument NECTAR)

-       Phase contrast imaging with cold neutrons (instrument ANTARES)

-       Prompt Gamma activation analysis for trace elements (instrument PGAA)

-       Gamma scans of samples after short-time irradiation for major elemental composition (radiation protection lab)

-       After the experiments, results and future strategies will be discussed.

If you are interested in participating, please email Åsa Grunning at LINXS ( before June 1. Further information about practical matters will be communicated with the researchers who have expressed their interest.

Do not hesitate to contact Björn Nilsson ( for more information or if you have questions regarding samples or practical scientific questions

The methods covered are attached in the documents below:
- Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis (PGAA)
- Neutron Imaging (NI) with cold, thermal and fast fission neutrons
- Gamma Scanning after short-time neutron irradiation

Some guidelines for registration and submission of samples will follow later.

Please note that there is currently some uncertainty for the dates due to a bureaucratic problem in supply of the reactor. We hope to do the workshop as planned, but a delay to a later date is still possible.