Frequently Asked Questions

Here we collect frequently asked qestions that we get from our community and stakeheolders


Is LINXS just for Lund University?

NO. LINXS' ultimate goal is to be an independent institute with national and international membership and funding. Lund University is incubating LINXS, but the organisation will ultimately be directed by the partner organisations. These will jointly determine the long-term organisational form.

How can my organisation become a partner in LINXS?

We are looking at a tiered model with memberships at different levels up to a full partnership. The most basic membership gives access to the premises and environment of LINXS on a regular basis during the year. Memberships above that come in different sizes according to your organisation's needs and expected level of involvement. A full partnership involves a role in driving the development of LINXS. Please contact the LINXS Management for more details.

Does LINXS fund individual research projects?

Not in the traditional sense. LINXS supports collaborative activities that can increase the user base and further the long-term use and development of major research infrastructures. The key is that the efforts should span several disciplines, be useful to a broad community or open up new avenues for research. LINXS does reserve some resources to fund targeted research efforts, including postdoc fellows, where the work is deemed to have significant impact on bringing in new research communities and ideas.

How can I join LINXS as a researcher?

Anyone with interest in the science being done at LINXS can participate in its activities. LINXS organises its work in Themes and Working Groups connected to these. If you wish to get involved in a current activity, you can contact the corresponding Core Group or Working Group members. As a member of a full partner organisation you can propose new Themes and Working Groups.

Where is LINXS located?

LINXS is operational and located in Lund. In the current ramp-up phase it is located at Ideon Delta 5, along the tram tracks about halfway to Lund North East where MAX IV and ESS are located. From 2021 LINXS will be located in Science Village Scandinavia - the dynamic science hub right between MAX IV and ESS.

How can I benefit from LINXS?

LINXS provides a community, and support for bringing together leading international expertise to advance the next generation of research that can be done with synchrotrons and neutron sources. If you think that such facilities can benefit your work - no matter if you are an existing or prospective user - LINXS is for you. LINXS can e.g. fund or partner in funding workshops, sabbaticals, hackathons and targeted research efforts.

How is LINXS funded?

Right now it is funded by a grant from the Crafoord foundation and by Lund University including the Faculties of Science, Engineering and Medicine. LINXS currently has an annual budget of about 9 MSEK and has a target budget of 16-24 MSEK for steady-state operations.