2nd Steering Committee Meeting

At the second Steering Committee meeting the current status of the project, timeline and survey results were presented. Ulrika Lindmark, CEO of Science Village Scandinavia (SVS) was invited to present the current status of SVS for a discussion of synergies. Appointment of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) ad the Board of Directors (BoD) was discussed and an action plan decided upon. The following decision were taken:

-       LINXS will work in close collaboration with SVS.

-       Erik Swietlicki informed the SC that it has been suggested centrally at LU that LINXS should be responsible in developing the long-term strategy for initiatives in SVS.

-       All SC members will propose a shortlist of SAB candidates and votes would be taken thereafter on the first members. The candidates should be from outside Sweden and internationally recognised in their fields. Two SAB members would be appointed for each topic area: Soft Matter, Life Science and Hard Matter. Care would be taken to try and have a gender balanced SAB if possible.

-       The SC would initiate the list of suggestions of Board of Directors

-       The SC decided that a professionally designed investment offer brochure and presentation should be finalised.

-       The SC decided that the project management should prepare for the next phase of operations with input from the SAB as soon as it was established.

-       The SC agreed that a project assistant at about 50% of full time should be recruited for the project.

Martin Stankovski