Steering Committee established!

Marianne Sommarin, Chair of the LINXS Steering Committee

Marianne Sommarin, Chair of the LINXS Steering Committee

The first LINXS Steering Committee has been established and consists of the following people:

·      SC Chair: Marianne Sommarin, Professor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor for research at Umeå University, and member of the scientific council for natural and engineering sciences represents the national interest.

·      SC Member: Tomas Lundqvist, Life Science Director at MAX IV, representing MAX IV.

·      SC Member: Ulf Olsson, Professor of Physical Chemistry, representing the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

·      SC Member: Kajsa M. Paulsson, Group Leader at Experimental Medical Science, representing the Faculty of Medicine.

·      SC Member: Sindra Petersson Årssköld, Senior Advisor at the European Spallation Source ERIC, representing ESS.

·      SC Member: Erik Swietlicki, Professor at the Division of Nuclear Physics and Vice Dean of infrastructure at the Faculty of Engineering LTH, representing LTH.

Martin Stankovski