Survey concluded


A survey mapping the needs of "internal" stakeholders was sent out early autumn 2016 and had a response turn-out at 8,33%. The share of the total number of respondees per faculty was: 63,8% for Nat Fak, 15,8% for LTH, 16,8% for Med Fak, 1,9% for ESS and 0,99% others.

The results are being put in a report for final review of the Steering Committe, after which the report will be made public.

The survey was divided into the following three parts:

1) Position, workplace and interest – Collecting basic information such as name, contact details (optional free sign up for news and information about LINXS), department and position. Also measuring relevance of synchrotron and neutron facilities to respondents fields, topical interests and their personal interest in being associated with the institute.

2) Research and infrastructure – Gathers more in depth information about research topics of interest but also suitable candidates for invitation to the institute. Additional research infrastructure relevant to the respondents’ fields can also be conveyed, as can the importance of modelling and simulation.

3) Education, training and networking – The last section investigated which types of actions belonging to the institute activities (training schools, workshops and networking related) are perceived as important.



Martin Stankovski