Archaeologists and geologists form the second working group within the Imaging theme

Archaeology, geology and cultural heritage studies can benefit a lot from the use of synchrotron and neutron light sources. The imaging theme is now announcing a second workgroup which is entitled to study this in more detail. Researcher FD Björn Nilsson from the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History is leading the group, and he will also be a personal research fellow of LINXS during this time. He is currently coordinating a novel service infrastructure, LUARCH, which seeks to enhance archaeologists use of Lund University laboratories and scientific infrastructure. The new large infrastructures in Lund (MAXIV and ESS) will play an important role to merge interests across LU faculties and move research forward. To achieve this, researchers in archaeology, in particular, need to gain knowledge about how both synchrotron and neutron sources can be used. The working group GeoArchaeology will organize symposia and conferences, but also several open workshops and teaching occasion. For more information please contact Björn Nilsson at

Vippo Viddipp