LINXS Kickoff Meeting Summary


The Lund Institute of advanced Neutron and X-ray Science LINXS officially started its scientific activities with a three-day kick-off meeting. The lunch-to-lunch event was devoted to the future of synchrotron- and neutron-based research, focusing on topics in life sciences, soft matter and hard matter. The venue at "Kulturen", the cultural history museum in the centre of Lund, provided an ideal environment for active interactions between the 167 registered participants.

The first afternoon set the stage, with presentations from Lund University and faculty leadership, the two large-scale facilities, MAX IV and ESS, and local and national stakeholders all helping to frame the strategic vision behind LINXS. The following two days provided a fascinating overview, by invited international and local scientists, of the state of the art in neutron and x-ray based sciences in various key disciplines, from structural biology and nanotechnology, materials and engineering sciences to cultural heritage.

The event was a full success, demonstrating the unique potential of the MAX IV and ESS for education, science and innovation. Furthermore, the kick-off has truly launched the LINXS activities and has initiated new interactions and collaborations, some of which have already developed into research initiatives at LINXS.

Vippo Viddipp