Changes in LINXS' leadership

Dear All,


I have had the pleasure to set up and lead the LINXS organisation as its Director since 2016. I feel that we have had an opportunity to dream big and true and start building something of great value for the scientific community around MAX IV and ESS.

However, due to persisting health problems, it is with great regret that I must step down as LINXS Director.

LINXS is currently growing fast and we have to adapt to this new situation quickly and efficiently to maintain the momentum with the numerous on-going and planned activities and to further develop LINXS and its scientific programs.

In response to my stepping down as director, the LINXS Board has decided

  • to work towards a strategic, international recruitment of a new LINXS Director, a process that is expected to take about two years.

  • to appoint Stephen Hall as interim Director of LINXS and promote Jens Lagerstedt to Vice-Director

  • to appoint Marie Skepö as Co-Director and representative of the Faculty of Science;

LINXS will continue to operate and develop as planned and I will continue to actively support LINXS and participate in its activities, albeit on a purely consulting and scientific level.

Having planted the seed, I look forward to seeing LINXS grow and flourish.

Best Regards,
Peter Schurtenberger

Martin Stankovski