Greetings from Director Stephen Hall as LINXS move into 2019


As 2019 really gets going it is good to reflect on the previous year; during 2018, I was honoured to be asked to take LINXS forward after founding director Peter Shurtenberger. LINXS was busy building up its scientific activities and we hosted a number of exciting research events.

Furthermore, we moved into new premises where we can host guest researchers, meetings, workshops and other activities relating to advanced x-ray and neutron science. During 2019 we will be organising a range of activities, as well as hosting guest researchers linked to our existing Working Groups. We will also be organising a number of scientific networking meetings (including “science and beers”) to encourage cross-disciplinary interactions in the area of neutron and x-ray science.

Proposals for Working Groups

As we continue to ramp up our activities, we welcome proposals for new working groups, which are our framework for organising our scientific activities. Within a working group advanced scientific activities can be organised including focused research activities involving invited guest researchers, hackathons, workshops and symposia.

We therefore invite all senior researchers at Lund University to propose a working group within the current research themes of “Dynamics", “Imaging" and "Integrative Structural Biology, ISB”.

Feel free to contact us for more details:

Dynamics theme: Marie Skepö, Co-Director of LINXS and Core Group Leader of the Dynamics theme.

Integrative Structural Biology theme: Jens Lagerstedt, Vice-Director of LINXS, and Core Group Leader of the ISB theme.

Imaging theme: Stephen Hall, LINXS Director, and Core Group Leader of the Imaging theme.

Read about the application process.

Furthermore, we would like to bring your attention to the fact that later in the year we will open a call for new “themes”, which are the larger scale topical structures within which the working groups are defined.

We are also looking to expand the LINXS community with new partner organisations - please contact us to discuss how your organisation might be more directly involved in the development of LINXS.

Vippo Viddipp