Marité Cardenas

Marité Cardenas


Dynamics Working Group Dynamics of Membranes and their Constituents Member, LINXS Fellow

Marité Cardenas is a researcher and has her own group at FORSKAREN, Malmö University, Malmö.  Marité is a member of the steering committee for the Swedish Neutron Scattering Society (SNSS). She is an enthusiastic, result focused and experienced physical chemist with strong background on colloid and surface chemistry of biological systems. Marité´s main research interests cover relations between structure/function and composition of biological interfaces and biological colloids including diverse ap The group's current interest deals with the understanding of the key physicochemical properties of biointerfaces, and how they determine the interactions with biomolecules in solution.

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Her specialties include:

-Surfactant and bio-polymer physical behaviour in the bulk and at interfaces.

-Molecular interactions with model cell membranes.

-Lipid self assembly.

-Membrane protein reconstitution and structure-functional studies.

-Carbohydrate and protein based multilayers as mimics of mucosa and plant cell walls.

-Protein-Protein interactions.


  • Stefan Bengtsson Academic Leader Award, Sweden, 2016

  • UNESCO-L'Oreal "Women in Science", Denmark 2012

  • Akzo Nobel Nordic Research Prize 2011