Peter Jönsson

Peter Jönsson


Dynamics Working Group Dynamics of Membranes and their Constituents Member, LINXS Fellow

Peter Jönsson is Senior Lecturer and Docent at the Division of Physical Chemistry, Lund University, since 2015, with a research focus in biomolecular interactions at interfaces. His research spans several different areas such as chemistry, physics and biology, but can more specifically be divided into the following main topics:

  • Development of novel biophysical tools and methods to study and manipulate molecules on the surface of cells.

  • Investigation of the organisation and function of key membrane proteins in the initiation of an adaptive immune response.

  • Physical chemistry of peptide-lipid co-assembly: from lipid-rich to peptide-rich

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Research Projects:

Before moving to Lund, Peter did a three year postdoctoral stay in Cambridge, UK, where he worked with Prof. David Klenerman on developing new tools to study biological processes on the surface of cells. During this time he also had the opportunity to collaborate with Prof. Yuri Korchev’s group on using nm- to µm-sized pipettes to manipulate and stimulate molecules on cells. Peter was introduced during his final two years in Cambridge to the field of adaptive immunity by Prof. Simon Davis in Oxford, UK. Together with researchers in Prof. Klenerman’s group and in Prof. Davis’ group he has investigated how molecules on the surface of cells in the adaptive immune system behave and organize at the start of an immune response. Peter graduated as PhD in Physics from Chalmers, Sweden, in 2010 under the supervision of Prof. Fredrik Höök, where he got to work with artificial model systems of a cell membrane, so called supported lipid bilayers, and with fluorescence microscopy, two techniques that have become central for his work since then.