Åsa Grunning

Åsa Grunning


Science Activities Manager


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Åsa Grunning is in charge of coordinating events and collaborative science activities at LINXS. She has a deep background in research communication activities at LU, as the main responsible of Science Slam, Researcher tour, Researchers' Grand Prix and LU's activities in Almedalen, the main Swedish national political showcase and meeting of the year.

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Åsa has more than 20 years' experience working at LU, these days mainly in research communication. Her other responsibilities include:

Science Slam

Science Slam involves researchers presenting their research to the public in a popular science manner in approximately 4–5 minutes. At Lund University, Science Slam is organised during the Researchers’ Grand Prix, the political week in Almedalen, and other events.

Researcher tour

Popular science talks of approximately15–40 min at libraries all around Skåne. Target groups vary depending on the city and subject.
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Researchers’ Grand Prix

The Researchers’ Grand Prix is a national competition where researchers give a popular science presentation of their research. Competition rounds take place all around the country, including at upper secondary schools in Lund/Malmö, and the final competition is held in Stockholm. 
Contact person: Åsa Grunning
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Contact person and project manager at Lund University for activities in Almedalen.
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