Chris Garvey

Chris Garvey


At LINXS between July 2019 - August 2020

Dr Garvey is a research scientist at ANSTO (The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation), who applies advanced physical characterisations at the interface between biology and materials science. As well as his role as an instrument scientist on the small-angle neutron scattering instrument QUOKKA, Chris’ research explores an underlying theme which is the difference between the behaviour of molecules singly, and as ensembles, or in more complicated mixtures such as cells and their components (e.g. organelles, walls, membranes).The differences are due to the interactions molecules and the host matrix. A particular focus has been cell walls of plants, and the industrially important group of materials called cellulosics.  

Small-angle scattering and contrast variation are important tools for his research.  Chris develops novel measurement environments and methods which further extend the utility of the small-angle-scattering technique to applied and industrial problems.

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