Prof. Gérard Bricogne

Prof. Gérard Bricogne


Integrative Structural Biology Working Group Biocomp Member, LINXS Fellow

Prof. Gérard Bricogne is research director at CNRS and director of Global Phasing Ltd.

Gérard Bricogne contributed to the development of mathematical methods in crystallography and thus revolutionized the determination of the structure of biological macromolecules. In 1978, he succeeded for the first time in determining atomic structures at the atomic scale.

Training and career

1975 Ph.D., University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)

1975-1981 Research Fellow at Trinity College in Cambridge

1981-1983 Assistant Professor of Biochemistry at Columbia University

1983- Director of research at the CNRS, attached to the LURE in Orsay and the Department of

life sciences of the CNRS

1996- Founder and director of Global Phasing Ltd (United Kingdom)

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