Farhad Abbas Pour Khotbehsara

Farhad Abbas Pour Khotbehsara


Project Assistant

Farhad worked as a project assistant for the LINXS project at the Department of Physical Chemistry. He has a background in nuclear science and over 10 years teaching experience in Physics and Mathematics at a university level. He has also been active in Nanoscience via a secondment. Farhad currently works in at the Lund University unit for Corporate Relations in a project mapping the active neutron facility user community in Sweden.

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Farhad is a nuclear physicist with almost 10 years of teaching experience at University level. His teaching experience is broad covering topics in physics and mathematics at both engineering- and natural science establishments. Since arriving in the country in 2015, he has gained experience working in a Swedish university environment through a job introduction programme. He has worked on a research project in the Department of Physics and has taken several higher education courses. Having been accepted for a PhD position in nanophysics in Iran just before coming to Sweden, Farhad enjoys working in environments connected to research and further education and is passionate about science and scientific collaboration.

Work history

2017 – 2017   Lund University, Sweden, Researcher. Research project and University courses focusing on: Spark-discharge generation of metallic aerosol nanoparticles and Scanning Electron Microscopy assessment and analysis.
Epitaxial growth of cystals and nanocrystalline materials, ADMIRE course for optical, electron and general microscopy and imaging.
2016 – 2016   Falkenbergs gymnasieskola , falkenberg, Sweden, High School Assistant Teacher
2015 – 2015   APELSKOLAN, Ullared, Sweden, Secondary School Assistant Teacher
2011 – 2015   University of Science and Technology, Talesh, Iran , University Lecturer
2007 – 2015   Payamenoor University in Ardebil and Talesh, Iran, University Lecturer
2006 – 2009   Mohaghegh Ardebili University, Ardebil, IRAN, University Lecturer 


2003 – 2006   Tabriz University, Iran, M.Sc., Nuclear Physics.
1999 – 2003   Iran U. of science and technology,Iran ,B.Sc., Solid State Physics.
1994 – 1998   Emam jafar Sadegh Fuman distinguished govermental high school, Iran,high school diploma w. Maths and Physics specialty.