Janina Sprenger

Janina Sprenger


Integrative Structural Biology Working Group Biocomp Member, LINXS Fellow

Janina Sprenger is a postdoctoral researcher at the Chemistry Department, Section of Biological Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen. Her research is supported by the Villum Experiment grant and focuses on the development of a crystal host system (HOSTAL) to allow X-ray diffraction based structure determination of biomolecules without requiring conventional crystallization of the sample. This further involves method development to understand diffusion processes in crystals, structure solving of protein fragments with low-occupancy and high-flexibility as well as statistical analysis of diffraction data (Bragg reflexions) and diffuse scattering. 

She has been studying protein-ligand interactions in different systems with the focus on medical application using crystallography combined with binding and activity assays as core methods.  Her research also includes drug design, enzymology, enzyme kinetics models, scattering methods and various imaging techniques. She is member of the research cluster ‘Integrative Structural Biology at the University of Copenhagen’ (ISBUC)

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