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LINXS related event - Workshop: Introduction to Volumetric Image Analysis

From the Center for Quantification of Imaging Data from MAX IV (QIM), we are delighted to invite you to a two day workshop on Introduction to Volumetric Image Analysis. The workshop will take place at Copenhagen University on September 19th and 20th, 2019. Participation in the workshop offers a general introduction to image analysis for quantitative characterisation of 3D image data. You will be guided through tasks such as pre-processing, segmentation, quantification, and visualisation. On the first day hands-on assignments with guidance from instructors will take place. The second day of the workshop offers the opportunity to work on your own data with the guidance of the instructors or work on more complex analysis tools developed by QIM. The detailed programme can be found in the attached flyer.

The workshop is sponsored by QIM and is free of charge. However, there is a limited number of spots available. We therefore ask you to kindly register your attendance before September 4th, 2019

At the workshop, you will gain competences in general image analysis, necessary in the process of quantitative characterisation of samples. You will be guided through tasks such as image pre-processing, segmentation and geometry quantification, up to the visualisation of your results. The only prerequisite for participation is a general interest and need for volumetric image analysis. As we will work with open-source software tools, you will be able to expand the analyses beyond the workshop, without worrying about commercial licenses. 

For more information on the programme and how to register, please visit the website: